Friday, April 9, 2010

Revolutionary Soup

On the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, VA, (a pedestrian mall with loads of little shops and eateries), there are lots of places to get your comfort food on. But on a recent visit I was introduced (thanks, Tate!) to a hidden gem that I can’t wait to get back to.

Revolutionary Soup is tucked away on a little side street with an unassuming entrance. (Just look for the tattooed kids—although they’re kind of everywhere down there.) Through the door and down the stairs, you’ll find yourself in a brick-walled, wooden-floored, below-street-level mecca of lunchtime happiness. The menu is chalked up on blackboards behind the register, and it’s pretty varied. Fortunately, the friendly hipsters behind the counter are very nice about letting you taste before you order.

Tate, bless his brave, “ketchup is my salsa” soul, asked for a taste of the Spicy Chicken Tortilla soup, and actually did end up ordering a small container of it—it was that good. (He wasn’t actually able to finish it before the heat got to be too much for him, but he did enjoy what he got through.) Megan got the Creamy Rosemary Potato soup, which was as good as it sounds. And I, because I am drawn to the word “curry,” ordered the Lamb Curry soup. Chunky with potatoes, lentils, and hunks of lamb and garnished with yogurt to temper the heat, it was a lovely little visit to the Mediterranean on a chilly grey day.

Prices are incredibly reasonable, portions are sane, and plenty of options are available for the veg/vegans. The well-stocked cooler features a variety of sodas and beer (including Tetley’s Draught, yay!). And you can even order online for pickup later—very nice.

The menu also features a bunch of salads, sandwiches, and specials that I can’t vouch for, but if the soups are anything to go by, the other stuff is probably worth a look.

Soup may not sound like something particularly revolutionary, but this little college town joint makes it something special. Stop in the next time you’re driving down 64.