Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Few Musings on Travel Food

Just got back from a trip to Montana, bookended by a couple of days in Seattle. I'll post a more comprehensive account of the actual vacation/meatfest later, but for now, a couple of ponderings on sustenance while traveling:

Why does airplane coffee smell so good, but taste like hot ass?

A full pack of Twizzlers will make your whole bag end up smelling like strawberry by the end of your flight, regardless of whether the pack is open or not.

All food items on airplanes/in airports appear to cost $7. Snack box on the plane? $7. Starbucks chicken ciabatta? $7. Bag of mixed nuts and bottle of water? $7. I know that the number 7 is supposed to have some kind of magical qualities or something, but don't you think that's just weird?

People in first class still get fed on planes. I know this because they separate the fancy folks from the proletariat with a sheer curtain. Way to make a person feel like a serf.

Big props to Horizon Air for not charging for beer on the flights to and from Bozeman, and for promoting local Pacific Northwest microbrews!

Whoever said Dunkin' Donuts coffee is awesome is a dirty liar.

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  1. OK ... I like Dunkin' Donuts coffee so I guess I'm a dirty liar :) But your comment about Airplane coffee tasking like hot ass? Very true. I am typing this after laughing out loud for ten minutes...